The One

The One

Hi there!

And back we are with some love-stricken teenagers. Well, love is a funny thing. 😉

Song of the Week: “So far away” by Staind


Update 13.04.2016

I guess you already realized there is no new comic – again. For the last half year I have been trying not to get to this point, but here it is: because of personal reasons I have to put working on new Uncle Todd comics to rest for an unknown period of time. I will try to restart as soon as possible, but at the moment I am not able to say when this will be.

I would like to thank you for your support, likes and comments; I had a lot of fun!

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Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

Hello dear Readers,

even though Valentines Day is next Saturday here’s a Valentines Strip for you. Depending on where you are from you might experience a sudden increase in costumed folks all around you, especially in large concentrations near Mardi Gras or carnival parades. So here’s a PSA for everyone who plans on combining both festivities: The combination of certain costumes with Valentines Day Dinner might put the romance part of said Dinner at considerable risk. Not every woman wants to sit across from Darth Vader a Zombie at a candle lit table (there are even men out there, that might not like that… not that I ever tried that out myself…no, really!)
On the other hand there are some costumes that might just be helpful. The best way of progression is to ask your partner for his or her wishes 😉

Good news for everyone who was afraid he had to spend Valentines Day alone: Samsung has issued a press release, warning that their voice-controlled Smart-TVs record and transmit everything said in their presence to a third party. Who that third party is has to remain undisclosed due to protection of their data privacy.

Yes, sure. Why not?

I’m really sad now that I already nominated „Every Breath You Take“ as song of the week.

Well, then I will nominate one of the most beautiful love songs of all time instead: „I Will Follow You into the Dark“ by  Death Cab For Cutie

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