A Question of Honor

Hi there!

Well, it really isn’t so easy to find a cool name, either for your pet or a child. There are very beautiful names you don’t want to use because half the planet is already called that, other ones are ugly, old or crazy. Fortunately pets usually do not care and the vet is the only one wondering. XD

From tomorrow on the rest of the week here is going to be so hot that one can only survive having a huge amount of ice – as ice cubes in the beverage or icecream as breakfast, lunch and supper. I am not a fan of temperatures like this and also don’t want to bake in the sun – so it’s shade and a good excuse to only eat icecream for me. 😉 If you have temperatures over 30 degrees too I hope you can find something to also enjoy the time.

The song of the week this time from Rock Band Foo Fighters: In your Honor


Update 08.07.: For personal reasons there won’t be a new comic today. Sorry! Presumably nest week will be back to normal. Have a good time until then! 😉

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