Breaker, breaker

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and welcome back to houseworking tips with Uncle Todd – only good if you happen to have a death elf and be an eternal incarnation of Finality, of course. Otherwise be safe and do it the traditional way.

Congrats to Jonathan Rosenberg, a great comic artist, who deservedly managed to raise quite some support on Patreon (see here: One should know that Jon has to pay of a huge, huge hospital bill. So please support him if you like his work.

On a related note, US Republicans launch their 56th attempt to shoot down the affordable healthcare act. They are „doing it for the freshmen—that is, the 47 House Republicans who just took office a month ago and have never had the high honor and privilege of voting to repeal Obamacare. By holding the vote, these lawmakers can head back to their districts and tell their constituents that yes, they did everything they could to get rid of the reviled law.“

To celebrate this futile act of utter nonsense, I hereby nominate Queen’s „Who wants to live forever“ as the song of the week.

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