For whom the bell tolls

Hello dear friends,

what do you do, when Death is coming for you? You greet him with a smile. Because everything is fine and everything is as it should be. Greece is finally saved, for they promised to pay their debt at exorbitant intrest rates and investors, who bought the national assets, can continue to add golden linings to their bottomless pockets. All the while in the Ukraine there is finally a cease fire, which of course is celebrated by people shooting salutes at each other. The heavy weaponry is pulled back to the next city in the south, which makes a lot of sense since the city that they were at before is already reduced to rubble. All the while crazy people in Nigeria and Syria and Iraq kill and steal and rape in the name of their imagenary friend. And in Pakistan their former friends get jealous and try to overtake a whole city with extortion and murder.
Yes life is great! So let’s make the best out of it, while it lasts. And as todays strip proves. sometimes even Death can make your day.

Here’s the song of the week: „With a little Help from my Friends“ by a little known band called the Beatles.

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