Forceful Awakening


Well, that’s the last part of our little visit to the world of Star Wars. I hope you liked it! Because I didn’t use all of the designs I did of the death elves as Star Wars characters I will post those in the next couple of days. From next week on everything will be back to normal with Uncle Todd and his loved ones.

As you may have recognized I am pretty much looking foward to seeing the new Star Wars movie. I have always been a fan and since we already got over with Jar Jar Binks it can’t possibly be that bad, right? 😉

As I kid I also used to watch the first Enterprise series und was a fan of the Next Generation later. Although I am not into them anymore I think the new movies are quite entertaining and now the trailer for the third one can be seen here:

Song of the Week: Kyuss – “Demon Cleaner”

Have a wonderful week!

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