Spirit of Christmas


The death elves are back! Once again a Christmassy comic to get you in the right mood in spite of there being no snow – at least for a lot of us. I am so happy that I get to do a strip on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve in the first year of doing Uncle Todd!

If you are still looking for presents I’d like to recommend one of my favorite animation movies: Epic. I didn’t even notice it being in the cinemas back then and pretty much bought it without knowing what it is – I can hardly resist animation movies. I think it’s really great. The story is cool (there is no singing too!) and the animation of the facial expressions is incredible. Also the character design is very appealing and shortly after watching the movie I also bought the art book – which is fantastic too.

That’s it for now but come back on Sunday for there will be a small 4th advent bonus!

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