Spring Awakening

Hi there dear readers!

Depending on where you live spring is still waiting to happen – although most of us have already had at least some nice days in the sun. Fortunately I can say that I was spared the experience Uncle Todd has just made.

At least he instantly knows who the evildoer was – which was not the case for the mole in the children’s book “The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business”, which had had it’s 25th anniversary last year! Of course the comic today was made with a wink to that story and anybody who does not know it already and has little kids should check it out – it’s fun!

Regarding the English title of the book I have to say that I was a little bewildered to see it. I’m quite used to the fact, that English titles are often translated to German in the most stupid ways, but in this case the English translation of the title seems not to have a lot to do with the original German title, which means as much as “About the little Mole who wanted to know who pooped on his head”. Maybe I’m missing some nuance of the English language here, but how can that be none of his business?!?

So please enlighten me: Bad translation or just lost in translation? (The latter would also be a great movie tip, by the way!)

What’s left is the song of the week, this time coming from the Queens of the Stone Age: “My God is the Sun”!

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